We’ve spent most of this week sorting through the impact of the first day of #ViaLux Anomalies.

Last Saturday, the Enlightened and Resistance each captured one Primary and two Satellites to emerge from Day One in a dead heat — 7 to 7.

In the days leading up to the Anomaly, we had learned what the two Factions had hoped to accomplish. The Resistance, particularly the New Wave, wanted to use the Anomalies to reawaken ADA using pieces of her they’d been storing in the augmentations on their bodies. The Enlightened were going to try and do everything they could to stop this.

When the Anomalies ended in a stale-mate, we spent a few days trying to understand how each Faction would be affected by this unexpected turn of events. Many things were unclear… was the New Wave Resistance ambush just a bluff, or were they outdone by the Enlightened presence across the North American Anomalies? Would the plan to reawaken ADA proceed or not?

Initially, I had proposed that the ambush simply failed to manifest, but after hearing from the Acolyte (who also shared another interesting piece of info… more on that later), it seems I may have been wrong.

My contacts in the New Wave Resistance (NWR), despite the prevailing weather, declared that they would attempt to proceed with their plans to reinitialize ADA. Some days later, a message from Roland Jarvis appeared in the Scanner. Coincidence? Unlikely, in my opinion. I suspect this is just the beginning of a series of unexpected side effects caused by the NWR’s impatience.

Both the Acolyte and Jahan called on their followers to spread through the Portal Network and interact with as many Portals as possible this month. Their reasons are unknown, and in fact the absence of a true agenda from either of them worries me. Some days later, Hank Johnson revealed that he was on the trail of a lost Lovecraft/R. E. Howard story about some kind of ritual that may have bearing on the world of Ingress.

It may just be paranoia, but I suspect these are all connected — a failed ADA initialization — a mission to spread through the Portals and discover… something — a dark and forgotten ritual returning at a time like this. My guess is the pieces are falling into place, and in the coming weeks we’ll start to see a web that connects them.

Lastly, some intel surrounding NL-PRIME also came to light — while the assets themselves have been recovered I think we’re still waiting on reliable translations before they can be fully assessed.

That’s it for this week.

Until next time.


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