Hank Johnson: Concerns for Devra


Hank Johnson just wrote up a Google+ post sharing some of his concerns and theories about Dr. Devra Bogdanovich — the Vault — her so called ‘lost time,’ and more.

Hank’s Post:

Devra has remained dark since Wroclaw. We all know from the compromised P. A. Chapeau video that she went there to find a ‘password’ that somehow leads to a ‘Vault’ — whatever that is.ysb42minotaur89^xr

Then she went to Wroclaw… Appeared to be in very good spirits, and then nothing. If anybody has any information as to her whereabouts after Wroclaw, let me know. According to PAC (who I messaged about this earlier), she hasn’t been seen back at her college either. Worrying.orz4^jackland378cw

There was some thought that she was trying to recover or remember something from a ‘lost time.’ My guess is her lost time was the interval after the incident with Farlowe and 855 in the caves and before she went to work with Ilya at Visur. My other guess is that whatever happened in this lost time made her relationship with ADA became deeper. Even the Australian Incident could have been staged to look like they were at odds.

Or maybe they were. ADA’s ultimately a big unknown. But take this into account: ADA was possibly aware that Devra was a simulacrum and thus faced a non-mortal threat in Australia.xbq38act>624wh

Could the Vault refer to some repository of lost memories extracted as the researchers were made into simulacrums? Or could it have been something Devra contributed to in her last recursion? Something connected to ADA? Something else entirely?

I don’t know but it’s interesting to speculate on.

Hank Johnson via Google+


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