P4C’S W33KLY WRAP-UP: S3PTMBR 11, 2o16

P4C’S W33KLY WRAP-UP: S3PTMBR 11, 2o16


We’re about two weeks out from the #ViaLux Finale Anomalies, and things are starting to kick into high gear.

Visur declassified and released the Anomaly Zone footprints for the upcoming sites — however Setouchi’s data was somehow damaged. My source was not happy about that… he sounded worried. Said that someone or something had gotten into his systems despite all precautions — made a mess in there. This is someone who knows his stuff, so I trust him when he says this. While I’m certain the missing data will be recovered in short order, I’m worried this might be the beginning of something else…

It’ll be something to keep an eye on.zrh64294mm

Hank Johnson weighed in on one of the unsolved mysteries from the last few weeks — the source and meaning of the location or object known as Devra’s Vault. We know that she went to Wroclaw looking for it, but she’s been off the radar since. Hank shared some theories and concerns, and seems to have kicked off a chain of events. Last night I received a cryptic image that I believe leads to a Portal where a source claims to have planted information about the Vault.

I don’t know if this intel has been recovered yet… the best tip I’ve been able to get so far is that the bizarre clue bears some similarities to imagery once found in an Oliver Lynton-Wolfe poster by Tycho.

If we can’t locate it, I suspect it may be uncovered by an Agent out there following Jahan and the Acolyte’s call to spread through the Portal Network — reports have been flooding in from around the world as Agents embark on and share their #ViaLuxAdventures — the Agents seem to be energized just as they are energizing the XM and Portals around then. Something to think about…

One Agent in particular, though, came into the spotlight this week after an NIA document revealed that she has been contacting #IngressReport production resources. Agent KodamaSmiles, we learned, was present in Denver at the first #ViaLux Anomaly and will also be in Cologne for the #ViaLux Finale. Not much is known about her, so I’m counting on Agents who meet her to help us expand our knowledge-base about this mysterious new figure.

The train is moving, the #ViaLux Anomalies are on the horizon. The Path of Light stand between now and then. Let’s see where it takes us.

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