The Mystery Continues

The Mystery Continues


Yesterday’s clue led to a Portal near the house of Robert E. Howard in Cross Plains, Texas. It was recovered by Enlightened Agent @TheTrinityDawn. As the first clue was recovered by Resistance Agent @vidicon, each Faction has managed to recover one asset so far.

Another clue has since arrived via the same anonymous channel — the image attached above.

Yesterday’s clue surfaced this theory:


This theory seems plausible to me.

Jarvis went to Krakow (very near Wroclaw) during Interitus and a Howard manuscript was recovered from there at the time. In addition, Hank Johnson recently shared that he was on the trail of a lost story that was a collaboration between Howard and Lovecraft.

There is no doubt in my mind that both Howard and Lovecraft were sensitives of the highest degree, and as an astute commenter pointed out, it’s no coincidence that the first Glyph we discovered was found near Howard’s house in Cross Plains. These writers were significant forces in our world, able to perceive and express something beyond our own powers of perception.

Devra has always been one of the defining forces within the Resistance, although she represents a more ideologically independent branch — one that would deny power to both the Shapers and the N’zeer. This stance has gotten her into trouble in the past — her attempt to destroy the Portal Network using a virus developed at the CDC backfired and ultimately led to the return of the N’zeer in the first place (via the Helios Artifacts).

Could Devra have been drawn to a N’zeer Powerspot? As I said, it seems plausible… I seem to recall Devra once saying that she believed she may have been acting as the N’zeer’s pawn when she created and unleashed the Portal Virus. Could this be another attempt by the N’zeer to draw her closer to them?

What do you think?


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