A Gl1mpse int0 D3vra's pa5t

A Gl1mpse int0 D3vra’s pa5t


The Final Clue led to a Portal in a Polish city near where Devra was last seen on the first day of #ViaLux. It was recovered by Resistance Agents @Yahooza86, @LennCart, @Rahszas and @Izaaa.rf03lod03dqvjstA23msv0625n1007g

Of all the theories recovered, this is the most personal — the least connected to the body of knowledge within this Investigation — and yet to me, somehow, seems very plausible. I feel like I can look back into my own past and find moments that at the time seemed unexplainable but they shaped who I would become — the choices I made and continue to make. What if those moments were chosen for me? Placed along my journey with precision and purpose…1111111011011111110111111111011111110110111110111101111101111111011111111011101111111101111011111101111101111110111111011111110111011111110111111011111110111011111111011110111111110111111111011111011011111011101111100111111111001111111101111111110

Was Dialtone and the pursuit of intelligence beyond our realm Devra’s destiny?


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