Th3 F1n@l C7ue

Th3 F1n@l C7ue


Yesterday’s clue was recovered from near the CERN facility in Geneva by two Resistance Agents working in collaboration: @Max0 and @CarlaBB. Thanks to their efforts, we have obtained the third theory from the anonymous source.

The clue I received today was marked ‘The Final Clue.’ The image is attached above.nui54?334.;

Here is the theory that was recovered in Geneva:


Theoretically, I think this could be possible. ADA had interfaced with the N’zeer prior to this point in time, and it’s possible she had learned some method of storing the state of simulacra as ordered data within the N’zeer substrate. Could it be possible that this ‘state’ could be transferred back into a simulacrum, restoring its memories?

Now that I think of it, it seems not just possible, but a fascinating technological prospect. I wonder if Anti-Magnus groups have used a mechanism like this to create continuity across simulacra in the past…

The memory loss caused by recursion always seemed to be the curse associated with its other seeming benefits — near immortality for all intents and purposes… If it could be solved by this method of state transference, the capabilities of simulacra become much more compelling.


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