D3vra's N1GhTM4R3

D3vra’s N1GhTM4R3


Devra Bogdanovich just emerged from a period of silence following her appearance in Wroclaw. She made a post on Google+ sharing some thoughts on what she discovered while there.

It’s an interesting read, especially if you’ve been following the events of the past few days…

I am not missing or in any danger. Just… processing things.wru29rnkkmt120kd

Richard Loeb did a number of kind things for me that night when I was having dinner with the man who called himself ‘James.’ He extracted me from an NIA observation and sent me to Wroclaw on a mission that was only of benefit to me, although I wonder if this was what the NIA were after, and if so why?

He claims the New Wave Resistance told him about this, but how did they know? And why would they want ME to know? After having spent some time with him, I’m wondering if I’m starting to think like him… I have questions that remain unanswered for now, but one thing did become clear.

When I arrived in Poland it all came back. I had heard them. They were the N’zeer. They spoke in verbal Glyphs which I could unaccountably understand. I know that I had dreamed this before, as a teenager, but now I’m beginning to see that it may not have been a dream after all.

Devra Bogdanovich via Google+


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