Much of this week was spent locating the clues and theories needed to solve the mystery surrounding ‘The Vault,’ a mysterious place that Devra Bogdanovich needed to find and unlock while she was in Wroclaw. Until now, not much had been known of Devra’s true purpose in traveling to Poland — even I remained in the dark.

Four different theories were uncovered — each left for us by a single source who to this day remains anonymous. Resistance and Enlightened Agents from around the world assisted in their recovery from Portals in Switzerland, Poland and the United States

Each theory presented certain strengths and weaknesses — out task became to evaluate them against time, history and logic.

In the end, while one theory seems to have been confirmed by Devra Bogdanovich herself, I suspect that our anonymous source had an ulterior motive in sending us down this rabbithole. It could be possible that each of the alternative theories may contain grains of truth as well, perhaps on other subjects beyond ‘The Vault.’

Meanwhile, intel continues to emerge leading up to the final #ViaLux Anomalies. We know that ADA’s fate remains hanging in the balance after the first day of #ViaLux ended in a tie.

Worryingly, a series of sophisticated intrusion attacks have targeted this Anomaly Intel. I don’t know what this might hold for the future…

Until next time.


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