Same or Different?


I’ve been seeing some scattered reports that ADA Refactors have been observed emerging from the Portal Network.

Many may take that to assume that ‘normalcy’ has been restored.

Personally, I’m not that easily convinced.

Is this the ADA I knew from the early days of the Niantic Project?

Is this the ADA who merged with Klue and attempted to program a new destiny for humanity’s future?

Is this the ADA who discovered the N’zeer substrate and was able to live within it, seeing into the very fabric of our universe, if only briefly?

Or is this version of ADA something else entirely? Somehow different in ways we don’t yet fully understand.

I have heard some reports of a series of documents recovered at the Anomaly sites. Is this true? If so, where are they, and what might they tell us about the situation we find ourselves in today…



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