Hank’s Preliminary Analysis of Howcraft Pages


Here’s Hank Johnson’s preliminary analysis of the section of the Howcraft document that surfaced yesterday:

I would like to thank P. A. Chapeau and the unnamed Agents who have brought the Erwin Howcraft document to light. I am presently analyzing it and will share any further findings. I look forward to hearing your analysis of this as I am so close to the material that I might miss some things that fresh eyes would catch. As you know, this manuscript was allegedly written by Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft under the pseudonym Ervin Howcraft. I am getting varied reports on whether it was written collaboratively or begun by Howard and finished posthumously by H.P. Lovecraft.

My preliminary assessment is that this document is, in fact, not as much a fictional document but the envisioning of a current event from a past time and that what the narrator is seeing, this ‘Tecthulhu,’ is not a monster, but modern technology described by one who did not have the information to know what they are looking at or words to describe them. For instance, the fire sticks seem to be guns, etcetera. I welcome further analysis.839kpu0va4622

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