Kodama’s Investigation – 1


I had heard some rumors that @KodamaSmiles was looking into the mystery of Susanna’s disappearance. It seems some of that research has begun to surface, and I suspect this is just the beginning of what she Kodama to say…

(As I mentioned to some folks in Cologne and elsewhere… I’ve been doing some research into the disappearance of Susanna Moyer. I have written out a number of short… blog posts, for lack of a better term, on this subject. This is the first.)

Entry #1:

In June 2016, Susanna Moyer appeared for the last time on the Ingress Report from the San Diego Anomaly. In what might have been her final interview, she engaged in a hot debate with Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. The Niantic scientist’s final warning to her was ‘be smart’ and the interview was over. Susanna signed off not long afterwards ominously saying, ‘Hope to see you soon.”33.32.4s111.000.431.1i2.r122.3.41b.

The problem is she has not been seen in public ever since. Her appearance in San Diego was followed with a statement of her mission: She was hunting Jahan at her Palace near Pune with the help of some Enlightened Operatives.

There followed a communication from India and ever since… silence from Susanna.

Others spoke of her. Jahan and Smith plotted. Ominously, Jahan gloated that the Acolyte’s plan to aid her in finding Jahan was “destined to end in further tragedy, as it has.”bng49u466ae

Jahan has said nothing since then about Susanna. What did she mean? If Susanna was dead, wouldn’t she have said it? It’s a curious omission. Is she uncertain? Or did some tragedy other than death befall Susanna?

For now, I don’t know. But the answers are out there and as nobody else seems to be hunting them, that is my mission. I will write in this blog as I learn new things. There are many who do not want me to open up this file, each for their own reason. It is very possible that they will want to silence me. I accept this risk.

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