Kodama’s Investigation – 2


Here is the next entry in Agent Kodama’s investigation of the disappearance of Susanna Moyer.

Entry #2:

The more deeply I look into the the mystery of Susanna Moyer the more complex the story becomes. Certainly, there are many who might want her either dead or controlled.

Jahan is the most obvious. Susanna was hunting her. Certainly, her private hitman, Antoine Smith would have wanted her dead most of all. He knew he was in her crosshairs. He knew that his botched interrogation of Nigel Moyer, which resulted in Nigel’s death, was more than enough motive for Susanna. Even though he might have been little more than an instrument of Jahan, it’s unlikely she would look past this.natc2n5373awha

And then there is the brilliant (and perhaps diabolical?) Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. I ask you to listen to their final interview. His tone was menacing. Lynton-Wolfe isn’t himself a dangerous man, but he is certainly capable of laying a trap for her — a Dark XM trap. I’m sure you are all well aware of what happens to people who are exposed to too much Dark XM. I found out when I looked at that picture of the horribly deformed corpse, scarred beyond recognition. Is that the fate that Susanna met? After all, it is possible that she tried to retrieve her father’s files. She had the encryption code for the Aegis Nova research. And it is certain that Lynton-Wolfe would have known she was coming.7760Gba25b20b0cb50Idb734ed5Sac98fT6c

OLW worked with Nigel Moyer, and he would have been more aware about Nigel’s secret storage vaults than Susanna probably was. It’s something to think about. And let’s not rule out other people and organizations: The NIA. The Mysterious Akira who Susanna was allegedly going to meet in Japan. Did she ever get there? And who is Chapeau’s informant JP? It seems that Mr. Chapeau, who is transparent on most issues, is rather opaque on this one. There is no shortage of suspects, and as we shall soon see, no shortage of motives.

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