So what just happened at the Via Lux Finale? It was a day full of surprises. The Resistance won — they came back after a long dry spell — but the Enlightened were nipping at their heels the entire way. Everything was balanced on a razor’s edge.

And they brought ADA back. But in what form? Is she the same or different? Can she be trusted? I don’t know.

I suspect the New Wave was responsible for the attack on my website and the Anomaly, but I can’t be sure. They seem to be filling in for lack of a better suspect.

For now, I’ve managed to lock things back down. But it’s hard to know what kind of threat we’re facing… to disrupt a website is one thing, but an XM Anomaly? Who has that kind of power? Somehow I don’t know if a bunch of underground hackers and Resistance Agents can pull something like that off. At least, not without help…

Other things happened too that might have gone under the radar were it not for the Investigative community. In Setouchi, Akira shared her discovery: a few pages from the lost ‘Howcraft’ manuscript. They are an interesting read — a vision within a vision? Howard and Lovecraft channeling a moment where someone from the past witnesses something in the future…. A stubbornly persistent illusion…

I strongly suspect that the vision captured in that story could have bearings on how we understand the events of Via Lux, as well as what comes next…

And in Cologne, @KodamaSmiles showed and up revealed that she’s conducting an investigation of her own… looking into Susanna Moyer’s disappearance. That’s something that interests me, too. Frankly I think it interests everybody.

In my gut, I feel one thing for sure. Something is coming. Something big. What is it?


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