Lynton Wolfe Challenges Kodama’s Accusations


An outraged Oliver Lynton-Wolfe discovered Agent KodamaSmiles’ investigation into the disappearance of Susanna Moyer… He wasn’t too happy about what she wrote about him, and had plenty to say in response.

I’ve been catching up on the going ons of recent days, and I come across this absurd accusation in a post made by one +Agent KodamaSmiles.

“And then there is the brilliant (and perhaps diabolical?) Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. I ask you to listen to their final interview. His tone was menacing. Lynton-Wolfe isn’t himself a dangerous man, but he is certainly capable of laying a trap for her — a Dark XM trap.”
(found here:

What. Utter. Crap.

Kodama’s implication that I might somehow be directly or indirectly responsible for the death of Susanna Moyer is ridiculous.a7.fx2n8617639.2z0ef

I have never traded in violence. In fact, I have been the victim of quite a bit of it, and I can state categorically that I have not seen Susanna Moyer since the interview in San Diego.

I question Kodama’s motives. Is it her objective to cover up for Jahan? Deflect suspicion elsewhere? And for the record, I viewed Nigel Moyer as a mentor, a colleague and foremost a brilliant mind. We had a long and fruitful relationship. There were bumps in it, as there are with any relationship, but to somehow suggest that I benefitted from his death or Susanna’s fate is beyond the pale.

Kodama: Point your fingers elsewhere.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe via Google+



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