Kodama’s Investigation – 3


Over the past day or so, Kodama has gone back and forth with a number of individuals — Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and myself, to be specific — on accusations she has made during her investigation of Susanna Moyer’s disappearance. You can find those conversations in comment threads here and here.

It’s on you, Investigative community, to help determine where the truth lies in all this. I think the one thing all of us can agree on is that we’re looking at a large mystery, and we’ll have to work together to solve this.

Here’s the latest from Kodama:

Entry #3: The Mystery of Susanna Moyer

For the purposes of this conversation let us assume that Susanna Moyer has fallen upon misadventure. There is some evidence to suggest this is true. There is less evidence to suggest it’s false, so… the assumption seems safe.

We don’t have a body, and we don’t have forensics.
There are no more breadcrumbs, and we don’t have a trail to follow.

However we do have enough information to begin speculating on motives.

Encryption Key to Nigel’s Research. Nigel Moyer whispered his password to Susanna — or at least part of it. Things happened later, but did anybody get his research? All of it? Did she get the right code, or did Nigel, even in death, cheat his adversaries. Remember, this is a man was in the orbit of minds that worked on cracking the Enigma. Number games weren’t alien to him.

Sources of Information: Susanna Moyer came upon vast amounts of information. She had many sources, many methods. She was the keeper of many secrets. When you have a lot of secret information, you have a lot of enemies. Did one of them capture or kill her? If you look at this from an enemy’s’ point of view, it was an excellent time to get rid of Susanna Moyer, knowing that Jahan would be blamed. A highly convenient time. What information might she have had?

Personal Vendetta: Susanna wasn’t the type who attracted enemies, but you can never rule this out. Who would have a personal reason to want her dead, and why?

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