Klue’s True Purpose


Kodama shares a new post on her Google+ page — I’m not sure if it’s directly connected to her investigation into the disappearance of Susanna Moyer or if this is just a tangential observation.

The questions she raises about Klue… well… these are definitely ideas that have emerged before. I’ve had some of these theories myself…

Something has been tickling the back of my mind. Who was (or is) Klue? If you recall, she seems to have emerged from nowhere — but she immediately revealed massive insights into many of the puzzles about the original Niantic Project investigation — like she was some kind of master code-solver…dxK51Knptdre872wa

If you look at her first ever appearance, she seems to have known P. A. Chapeau (Richard Loeb), but there’s no explanation as to how they met or how she emerged. Flash forward years. She continues to associate with Loeb on and off. She’s either merged with or been hacked by ADA, been affected by either Faction on multiple occasions and was last heard of locked away in a cabin on the Acolyte’s Compound near the corpse of Jarvis in what appears to be some kind of a weird transdimensional voodoo ritual.ceessixfnmegtitfvhfvaoetielunnvmirev

And what we don’t know is how much of ADA is still inside of her? In other words, how much is Klue and how much is ADA. And there is the corollary question — how much of Klue is in ADA? Some have suggested that Klue may have been some kind of Trojan Horse — a way to crack open ADA’s digital shell…

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