Things of Indescribable Beauty and Horror


Did Hank experience a vision that transported him to a different reality? Or maybe a different place in time within our reality? Read his post… tell me what you think….53063064839495f52738508515165p475062m

Recent events have convinced me that sometimes secrets are really lies in disguise.

A secret, by definition means that you are not telling the whole truth. So here is the truth.

Any of us has a number of faces: there is the face we have now, the face we once had and the face we will have. They are all different faces, but they are all the same face.

And all faces have different expressions: happy, sad, angry, peaceful, and a million shades in between. All different and yet all are from the same face.अष्टएकअष्टअष्टसप्तशून्यपञ्चत्रिपञ्चत्रिदर्शनपञ्चसप्तपञ्चत्रिपञ्चएकषष्अष्टअष्टअष्ट

Places are like that, too. There is what a place is today, what it was yesterday, what it was 100 years ago and what it will be in 100 years. And most importantly, there is what the place could be.

Now imagine that certain people… sensitives… could possess certain Prime Objects and enter a place and it would be that place, but a different manifestation of it.

Well… I walked into a contemporary university (which I shall not name) and with certain help found myself in a library that was believed to be fictional at Miskatonic University, also believed to be fictional.

And I found a volume in the ‘reserved’ section that went by a name I will not mention here. And, for reasons that should be obvious, I did not open the volume, but I gazed at its cover and I saw things of indescribable beauty and horror.

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