Wright’s Miskatonic Story


Dr. Wright sent this message to me earlier today… I do not believe he has shared this information anywhere else…aexdwis3646ca2ftha

He claims to have also had a vision that transported him to the (fictional?) library that Hank spoke of in his post yesterday.111132121123122112311241112412213111111111113113122424132542

Make of this what you will…

While reading Hank Johnson’s most recent post about the library I was having a flashback. I believe I was at that library. I believe I’ve seen that book. To look upon it is madness. It took me a long time to return from the psychic wilderness. I hope that Hank has not damaged himself in the process. He should keep close check on his sanity. It is also my suspicion that at least one of the two authors of the Howcraft Document gazed on that page, too. And it makes clearer what the Tecthulhu might be. It is not a color out of space, but a thing out of time.

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright via Private Message



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