Via Noir? Not sure what it means, but my fedora and I are all in on anything noir… At the same time, let’s not kid ourselves, things could go dark fast.

Kodama questions who Klue is — and what her purpose is — whether she might have been a trojan horse of some kind aimed against ADA. I responded to her earlier in the week with some of my concerns — Oliver Lynton-Wolfe did too — and that’s where things stand right now. Some of you have also speculated on Klue’s original identity (I’m going to leave that alone right now… it’s not helpful). My response to Kodama is in the comments here and Lynton-Wolfe’s (rather heated) reply to her is in the thread and comments here. At the end of the day, this really boils down to: What is Kodama’s agenda.

If you think I’m the only one who’s not certain of her motives, check out the Question of the Day results from 10/14. As of this post 31% feel she’s got a hidden agenda… only 17% think she’s acting in good faith.

Hank Johnson shared a couple of confessions — revealing details of conversations he had with Susanna Moyer. It seems Hank was the one who connected Susanna to the Acolyte. And what is this Tecthulhu he keeps mentioning? I have a feeling we’re going to find out.

Susanna did not go directly to India as previously believed. I should have known. She’s a trained operative. Kodama had that right. But where did she go?

Johnson suggests she was going to the Acolyte’s compound, Buenos Aires, Bletchley and somewhere else. Anybody else see a pattern? Does anybody else see that list of places and get images of mechanical sea monsters, warped bells, weird rituals, and Turing machines? Maybe it’s just me.

And finally we have Hank’s Miskatonic Story. You don’t have to think he was mind-hacked to guess he saw the book some know as The Necronomicon. And we all know what happens when you look at that. If you don’t, read Wright’s response to Hank. So… was Hank mind hacked?

Susanna, Hank, Wright, Klue: This is beginning to snake together like, well, a film noir.

I’m out. But I’ll be back. Hopefully.

Until next time.


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