Wright’s Response on Devra’s Vault


I recently asked the following via the Question of the Day:

What was Devra’s Vault?

  • Secret backup facility for Niantic Researcher memories
  • Place where the Howcraft document was storedmjtwiobzkyuhikj5jqugi2jpmr2csoltmv3gw6q
  • Where Devra kept the last of the Portal Virus
  • A memory from Devra’s childhoodvrwwoivabdnixiginjv

This question was less a quiz with a right answer than my attempt to try and structure my own thoughts based on the Investigative community’s response. It’s a puzzle that I think we have the answer to, but I’m not sure…

Earlier today, Dr. Edgar Allan Wright weighed in… it’s an interesting read. As usual for him, more questions than answers… but sometimes good questions are their own reward. They allow us to frame our thinking.

Here’s what he had to say:

The question of Devra’s Vault is fascinating to me. Sometimes, simply asking a question begets answers not only to that question, but other unstated questions.

While technically, the correct answer might be ‘A memory from Devra’s Childhood’, the question in and of itself begets discussion about a secret backup facility for Niantic Researcher memories. I have a very strong suspicion that such a place and thing exists, but I have to revisit that. Do we know that such a backup exists? Is there evidence of it?

And what of the Portal Virus. It is my clear impression that she used the last of it at Hulong and, as you know, she has resisted every attempt I’ve made to open a dialogue with her. I’m not sure why. We are adults, Devra.

And… While it is not technically the Vault, perhaps the greatest revelation to come from asking this question was the existence of the Miskatonic Library. We now know that although it was believed to be fictional in our plane of existence, it does exist in another plane and that that plane can be accessed from ours.

Does the ensuing madness of the so-called “Necronomicon” really come from the Glyphs or does it come from clearly seeing what I’ll call for the purposes of this discussion an ‘Alternate Plane’ from our plane — that the madness comes from the cognitive dissonance of simultaneously experiencing two realities?

Dr. Edgar Allan Wright via Google+


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