This is #ViaNoir

The path to the victory, and what lies at stake, has grown clearer.

This all began a few weeks ago.

At the #ViaLux finale, a strange document came to the surface. We’ve been calling it the Howcraft document because the theory so far is that it was co-written by H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard — long time collaborators — sensitives — and no strangers to the world of Ingress.

The scene describes some kind of technological or mechanical horror and a summoning ceremony taking place around it.

Hank Johnson has been one of the people helping us put the story into perspective — he’s the one who either coined or revealed the word ‘Tecthulhu.’ According to Hank “this ‘Tecthulhu,’ is not a monster, but modern technology described by one who did not have the information to know what they are looking at or words to describe them.”

That’s one of the threads — the other one is even more interesting. We all know that Susanna Moyer disappeared right after #AegisNova. The prevailing theory was that she had attempted to wreak vengeance on Jahan for her role in Susanna’s father’s death — and that all went sideways.

Turns out, might not have been the case. Recently discovered documents and Agent Kodama’s investigation into Susanna’s disappearance have suggested that Moyer may have been on the trail of something else entirely — her father’s powerful and dangerous research — and the whole vengeance thing was just a cover to keep prying eyes away.

Was Susanna on the trail of the ‘Tecthulhu?’εηοζοφσζοφσΩζοφσυθσεεζοφσσω

Was this Nigel Moyer’s research — an ancient machine with dark and terrible power?

Did she find it? If so, what the hell happened to her?

These are the questions we’ll be looking to answer in the coming weeks, and we’ll need your help.

If this power is real, and as powerful as we think it is, there’s a lot at stake come November 12th. Like I said, this is Via Noir. Let’s see where the road takes us.


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