So it’s all coming down to New Orleans… Hearing rumors that the champs are going head to head, but can’t confirm anything. Keep watching. Let’s see if it’s true. There’s going to be a lot of Noir in New Orleans… bring your fedoras… but the stage will be set in Seoul and Rome… I wouldn’t let the fact that Jahan and the Acolyte are going head to head obscure what comes before. I suspect it’ll be just as important.

So a lot happened last week, but I’m more fixated on what didn’t happen. We still don’t know what a Tecthulhu is. I watched that video about the Machine of Dark Power and then had strange dreams that night. I was talking to another Investigator about it — they said something similar happened to them. I thought I caught a flash of something. Or maybe not. Let me know if you know something that I don’t.

Wright was his usual sort-of helpful. He gave us a couple of theories about the Howcraft document. One of those theories was that the writer(s) of the Howcraft document (who we believe might be Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft) were seeing the future from a past time. He had another theory about them seeing it through a fictional lens. My head explodes trying to sort through that one. So what do you think? Which theory was Wright right about?

Meanwhile, you’ll note an absence of Kodama this week. Has she given up? Has she gone deep in? Or maybe she’s still smarting from our exchange. We’ll see. However, there was news on Susanna… Pages of a story (that I strongly suspect may have originated with Felicia Hajra Lee) came to light from Portals around the world, and literally hundreds of Agents tuned in and did their part to bring them back into the Investigation.

We already knew that Susanna didn’t go to India right away after San Diego. She visited Hank and he facilitated her trip to the Enlightened compound (the compound). She met the Acolyte and saw some weird stuff — figures that may well have been Obsidius and Cybella. And who was the other one? The one glancing at her through the branches in the forest. Scott or Syphax? Or are they one in the same? You tell me.

And, I part on this. Close to my heart. There’s still no news on Klue, but I have a feeling there is going to be…

Until next time.


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