The Cycle



Investigator Maribel del Valle has helped document and thank the dozens of Agents who assisted in the recovery of this document, which I suspect is the final page revealing Susanna Moyer’s encounter with the Acolyte at the Enlightened compound in Northern California.@.!.!.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.!.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.-.!.!.!.-.!.@.@|!|-|!|-‘!|-.@.’!|!|!|(@`-.!|#|!|!|(@|-@|@)`-|!.”!`-|!|..!|\/|`-‘!’!`!’#`-‘!’#`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!’!’!`-‘!`-‘!`-‘!`–#’!`-‘!’@`

Much has been revealed thanks to these pages — we know understand not only where Susanna traveled during her absence but also how she connects to the fate of Klue and (I suspect) what role they both play in what has come to be known as the ‘Tecthulhu.”


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