Kodama’s Investigation: Susanna’s next destination


Kodama’s back on the grid… here’s her take on the documents we’ve uncovered over the last few days…

Sorry for the silence. Been off the grid, but lot’s been happening, and I’ve been keeping tabs.

It’s now clear that Susanna visited both Hank Johnson and the Enlightened compound and she forged an alliance with the Acolyte before she disappeared.

Her agreement with the Acolyte seems to have been that Susanna would transport Klue in her ‘transitioned state’ (I’m not entirely sure what that means) to… well, somewhere.

So what’s the deal with this ‘transition state?’ Did Klue become a simulacrum or get trapped in some kind of XM Prime Object? Shed her mortal coil?grz26tauih862ng

This is not clear from the pages that emerged over the last few days (what’s their source anyway — Felicia Hajra-Lee?). They do seem to indicate the latter, though.

I place the event depicted in those pages as either in the first or second week of June, though no time was indicated.

So what happened next? Did Susanna go to India as we all believed? There’s also the possibility that her next stop was Buenos Aires. Her father was known to have conducted some research there. I’ll wait for more evidence before making that call one way or another.ypg37lrttn363wu

Right now my suspicion is that Jahan was wrong (or misinformed — Smith covering his rear after screwing up in Brooklyn?) about Susanna meeting ‘tragedy’ while seeking revenge against her in India. Susanna’s mission was really about something else.

Not sure what, though.

What is of great interest to me is what transpired in Buenos Aires, if that’s where she went.

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s admonition to ‘be careful’ is echoing in my head.

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