Discoveries from Seattle

Discoveries from Seattle

After I shared the intel about dead drops in Seattle near NL-1331, Agents there immediately went to work… and some excellent work it was.

Agent GaanEden of Project Isthmus worked alongside a number of other Agents on the ground, including NetrunnerX, BeKoolio and BigMatty — yes, that BigMatty, to bring us this the beginnings of this incredible (albeit damaged) document.

They were able to recover most of the fragments and begin the process of piecing them together — but some fragments had remained undiscovered, so earlier today, I set out to try and solve this.

I reached out to one of my oldest and strangest allies in this Investigation… The original dead drop experts known as VI. I asked if they had any assets they could activate around the Seattle area to try and find the missing pieces.

They delivered.

The collection of images below represents not only the original drops found by the Agents in Seattle (the labeled fragments) but those recovered earlier today by VI operatives as well (the unknown fragments).

Is this all of them?

Not sure yet — I was so keen to get this post out I haven’t started the process of trying to piece them together yet.

Let’s find out.– – – – – – – – – — – – — – – – – – –


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