Sumoya beneath the waves



Operation Essex contributor, Agent I23I, helped pieces together the fragments recovered by Agents in Seattle as well as those found by VI. What emerged was not three pages as we had originally expected, but the two shown above.

Incredible work by many in helping to unravel this.

The story told within the pages seems to express a voice from the past — Howcraft again? It tells the story of ‘Sumoya’ as she travels below the surface of the ocean to a cavern — potentially the mysterious Jörmungandr facility in South America. Some of the Investigators have been quick to point out that ‘Sumoya’ could be a contraction for ‘Susanna Moyer.’ I don’t disagree with that assessment, and it makes this vision all the more interesting.


Sumoya, Mistress of the Subaquatic depths, was finely arrayed in her tight fitting garb which accented her perfect form. She wore metallic amphorae upon her back with short cephalopodian tentacles wrapping around her neck to the black shell which covered her mouth…

Her feet were webbed and a dagger was strapped around her calf… She turned to look back and saw through me into the darkness beyond. I am used to this. I know always that I am the ‘seer who is unseen.’ A stranger to all places I visit.

Her dark eyes scanned all around her with the cunning of a fox suspecting a wolfpack is on its trail. She then observed the sky as if she suspected that a bird of prey was circling the atramentous heavens. She was satisfied that she had not been followed. She looked towards me again. Even though I was as a ghost, her eyes stopped for a moment as if she sensed my presence.

Why, I wondered, was she alone? Where was her retinue of Subaquatic guards? Was she the only one of her kind who could traverse dry land as well as the Stygian depths?

Her eyes then turned to the death dark sea. The brazen moonlight caught glints of waves like sunlight upon the chipped surface of an obsidian or flint arrowhead.

A smoothly armored manta ray of enormous size emerged from the water and sat bobbing in the waves, blazing eyes glaring wildly and casting beams of light upon the beach. The Subaquatic Queen stepped into the water and swam out. She mounted the back of the creature and disappeared into it.

The ray growled or perhaps purred softly and slipped beneath the ocean surface — such is the command she has over the creatures of the sea.

As it is my ethereal condition that I do not need air to breathe or food to eat when I enter these foreign realms beyond time and space, I was able to enter the water and drift behind the creature as it headed into the darkness below the surface of the sea.

All was there for me to see. The creatures of the deep. Sunken galleons of wood and metal. The corpses of the drowned. The ancient structures of post-diluvian civilizations.

Sumoya’s ray dove deep beneath the sea to a gash in the rocky coastline that led to the opening of a cave. It maneuvered past barbed orbs which looked like morning-stars and iron nets of such great size that I can only imagine the kraken and serpents they intended to catch in them.

What once lived here?!

It did not take me long to discover what the feared object was. It was a dark serpent of enormous size. Tattooed upon its pointed maw were a word and an image that I recognized, a serpent gripping its own tail with the trembling earth trapped within. Jormungand. Of course I was familiar with that word and image. The serpent who did battle with Thor himself. The creature did not move nor seem to notice Sumoya’s ray. I waited to see whether it was dead or if it would lunge into battle.

A moment later, Sumoya emerged from the ray, her powerful webbed feet driving her upwards towards a vast subterranean cavern. Within the cavern were many beasts of all descriptions, as well as crates, and great chains with terrible hooks.

As she reached the surface, she climbed a metal ladder to stand upon a platform next to the dark Jormungand beast.

Suddenly, red dots appeared upon her body and mages with firesticks emerged, pointing their twisted staffs at her aggressively.

A sorcerer in a white coat emerged.

“Sumoya,” he said in a language I did not know, “ItodjUtubEKahrfel…”

Sumoya stood her ground as the mages approached her with deadly intent.

On a secondary note — I too have heard the rumors about something interesting happening in New York this weekend. I wasn’t the source of the tip, for the record, but I wouldn’t be surprised if our mysterious friend from Seattle might have something else to share… it’ll be good to keep an ear to the ground on this front.


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