The Package


A few days ago I told you I had received a tracking number for a package delivery service from an unknown sender.

The package arrived today. This briefcase was inside along with a short note.

The note instructed me to reward this to the winning Faction in Seoul.

Ordinarily I’m hesitant to be someone’s pawn with a lot of unknowns in the air, but the note enabled me to reach out to this mysterious benefactor, and after having spoken with them briefly, I believe the package to be both safe and contain contents that could be valuable to the Factions as #ViaNoir unfolds.

I will be in Seoul with this mysterious briefcase, and I’ll duly hand it over to the Faction that controls that Anomaly.

It gets a bit weirder. The source led me to believe that I’m not the only one with such a package in hand. I suspect Hank Johnson may have one in Rome, and that a third may exist in New Orleans, but I don’t know who has possession of it.816-19617-41008314-1104777710313113213212155917614111.

Interesting times.#*@$#(%^%*%*%%%##@@!.


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