There will be many…

The #ViaNoir Anomalies have come to an end, and the Enlightened have prevailed in one of the most fiercely contested Anomaly days in recent history… but is this the end of the dark road?

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s plan to activate his dark machine, what has been referred to as the ‘Tecthulhu,’ has failed.

In no small part, this was due to the actions of Agents around the world at the Anomalies, who helped accomplish this in collaboration with Devra Bogdanovich. She believed that Lynton-Wolfe could not be trusted with this much knowledge and power.mu4ga7psritaoi8n49uq

But has he truly been stopped? It remains unclear…ma643553ccu554qpt

Have we reached the end of this dark path? How will the Enlightened take advantage of Lynton-Wolfe’s misstep?


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