Devra’s message to Agents


Here’s what Devra had to say about the Anomaly yesterday. She thanks the Agents for helping to stop Oliver Lynton-Wolfe with their ferocity and energy when they engaged with the XM Anomalies yesterday.

In Seoul, I witnessed this first hand. It was exhilarating.

While I too am worried about what lies ahead, yesterday left me comforted in the knowledge that Agents everywhere are ready and willing to face the challenges of the future head-on.

That last message from Lynton-Wolfe. It left me troubled.

‘Where there was one, there will be many?’

‘The Machine cannot be unmade?’

I barely slept, his words kept echoing in my mind.

I know that we may not have won the war yet, but I know we fought a good battle. I did what I could to help, but I was just taking advantage of what you, Agents all around the world, made possible. The ferocity and energy with which you engaged yesterday, it was what we needed to stop him.

I congratulate the Enlightened, and I have already been hearing about how the Acolyte plans to use this advantage to further their cause.

In my mind, however, it is the Agents of both Factions who have emerged victorious against Lynton-Wolfe’s plans. The true conflict in Noir is not green vs. blue — it is dark vs. light.

I must also extend my thanks to P A Chapeau. Thank you for traveling to Seoul and helping to provide me with the time and resources I needed to undertake my mission yesterday.

Devra Bogdanovich via Google+


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