The Chamber


Devra shares a rumorĀ concerning recent developments about the Acolyte and the future of Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s destroyed machine…

I’ve been hearing rumors that the Acolyte was able to locate the chamber where Dr. Lynton-Wolfe had been working, and that her operatives have begun exploring the now ruined laboratory for clues and information. I knew this was likely after how the #ViaNoir Anomalies came to an end…

From what I’ve heard, her people found a great deal of destroyed technology from a number of different eras, along with extremely high XM levels. The presence of rare metals indicated that Chaotic Matter (Dark XM) may have also been present. There was no sign of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, Klue or Susanna Moyer, though for the latter two that would be expected… I think they were lost even before Lynton-Wolfe fully brought the machine online.gf394ntum96ycv

I do not know what state the machine’s remains were in. I also do not know whether the Acolyte was able to recover any of Lynton-Wolfe’s plans and documentation related to the creation of the machine. I don’t even know if that matters — it might slow them down, but I doubt it will stop them…

I will keep you abreast of future developments.bcw39meoa749ho

-Devra Bogdanovich via Google+



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