Portal Recon


Some of you may have heard of this new development already… It’s called Operation Portal Recon.

It emerged a few days ago, and I immediately began to try and uncover its roots and find out who was behind it.

I probed the usual suspects — NIA, IQTech, Hulong, Visur — even folks like the influential Japanese researcher Akira Tsukasa.

I found nothing… Well, not exactly…. What I found was that just like me, these organizations were trying to figure out where this tool came from and who was behind it. Either way, it seems they weren’t involved in its creation.

Then, I got a break. An Agent contacted me and revealed that they had encountered ADA upon accessing the tool…


I’ve been unable to directly contact ADA for some time, so I have no way to confirm that this was actually her, but given the fact that all our other suspects are in the dark, I’m inclined to believe it… it leads to a number of interesting questions:

Why has ADA suddenly taken an interest in this network of undiscovered Portals?

If this leads to an expansion of the Portal Network — something many have suggested — does that mean that ADA’s learned how to create new Portals on her own? How and when would she have acquired such a tremendous capability?!95!!5c)(0e(!2e!#-f)%c9!!6-!^4a!!c5(!-a!!d8)%f-@)7a%#0e)%0a&!f0!$59!!a7^

There’s one last thing to be thinking about… Analyzing and intuiting these Portals requires an extremely high level Sensitive — so far only a select group of Level 16 Agents have been able to gain access…

What if it’s not the Portals that ADA is evaluating, but the Sensitives? Why would ADA want exclusive access to the minds of a select group of high level Agents from both Factions?

Right now I don’t have any more facts, but I’ll keep digging, and I suspect we’ll learn more in the coming weeks. Any way around, we’re only scratching the surface of the story here, and this is something to keep an eye on…


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