So where are we?

I have the feeling it’s like that moment after the explosion when your ears are ringing.

Everything is still. Some people are frozen… hunkered down and slowly regrouping. Others are carefully heading into the blast zone.

Everything is in slow motion, ringed by after-images of itself.

Let’s go down the list: What we know. What we don’t know. What we think.

Agents from both Factions contributed to the destruction of Lynton-Wolfe’s machine — what is being called the Moyer Tecthulhu because it was made using plans from Nigel Moyer.

The image contained in the 3 briefcases recovered at the #ViaNoir Anomalies seemed to indicate that the Tecthulhu was both mechanical and organic, which aligns with the theory that it contained both Susanna and Klue in some manner that’s not yet full understood — their souls for lack of a better term. Klue cards were also found at a number of Anomaly sites — proof of Klue’s connection to the Tecthulhu.

We haven’t heard from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe since his last message sent moments before the destruction of the Tecthulhu. As for Klue and Susanna Moyer, they too were presumably lost when the machine came down.!722#235$039$860%660^974&791*199*707(221!1325

Most recently, we learned about Operation Portal Recon — and in particular ADA’s involvement in this new and sudden technological emergence. Still unclear if this is somehow related to the Tecthulhu, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

The Enlightened were victorious at the #ViaNoir Anomalies, and pretty much days after that happened we learned that the Acolyte’s people had found Lynton-Wolfe’s chamber and gone to work analyzing what remained of his work.

Just a day later the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs sent a message — a symbol — to the world. A secret beacon for high-ranked Enlightened Agents? I don’t know, and if they do, they’re not telling me…

This has been said before, but it bears repeating — the #ViaNoir Anomalies may be over, but I suspect much remains ahead… the true power of the Tecthulhu is yet to be uncovered, and I suspect we’ll see the Factions collide again before long…


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