The Acolyte’s Plans


Our friend Agent @KodamaSmiles shares some news that’s been traveling through the grapevine recently…

Don’t want to reveal too many secrets, but I’ve been hearing that the Acolyte’s people have begun to piece together Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu.

If they succeed, it would be the second iteration of this technology.

Different in some ways, I suspect — similar in others.

My guess is that because the machine is influenced by the mind or minds that create it, it evolves — changing to reflect the will of its creator.

That’s supposition, because at this point, we know very little about the machine overall. If the Acolyte succeeds, I suspect we’ll know more.

As to whether she will call on Agents to help in this next phase of her work? I have heard some rumors… something happening soon. Like I said, don’t want to reveal too many secrets, but if you dig, you can find… it’s out there…12QwAS2#wESd3$erdF$5RTfg%6tYgH6&YUhJ7*uijK89iOKL(0OpL:0-P[;”qwASzXWesdxCeRDFcVrTfgvBTygHBNYUhJnMUijKM,iOKl,>opL:.?

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