A message for The Acolyte


I was catching up on news in Operation Essex and came across this open letter to the Acolyte from Agent @thedeacon1972. He raises some valid concerns, and since (as he correctly points out) the Acolyte does not have a social media presence herself, I figured I would do my part to ensure this message gets the attention it deserves.

So, Acolyte… ball’s in your court. How do you respond to these well reasoned and well articulated concerns?


Dear Acolyte,

I don´t know whether you will read this, since you don´t have an social media account. But this won´t stop me from speaking out, maybe +Hank Johnson can relate this message to you if necessary.

You and Jahan were putting on a show of cameraderie at the Via Noir anomalies. And why not? You had a common enemy: +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and his tecthulhu. The combined energy of agents of both factions ripped the tecthulhu apart, which was a good thing. But instead of learning from past mistakes of other people, you dive headfirst into the same mess again.

Your people found the cave where OLW´s tecthulhu had been built. I suspect that the energies the Enlightened agents built by winning Via Noir helped you there (There´s no doubt in my mind that I´d be writing the same thing to Jahan, if the Resistance had won). Now intel has started to emerge that you are actually trying to build your own tecthulhu. Have you completely lost your mind, Acolyte? At the first attempt, OLW sacrificed two human lives – +Susanna Moyer and whatever the transition you induced left of +Klue S. – to built it. At the end, maybe as an act of poetic justice, he lost his own mind over it. How bad does it have to become, Acolyte, that you abstain from your greed for power?

I´ve often spoken up loudly against you, Acolyte (as I did against Jahan), and some Enlightened agents told me I should give you the benefit of doubt. I will do so, Acolyte. If your only intention is to salvage Klue and Susanna with this abomination of a machine, every agent – blue and green – will help you. Afterwards dismantle it and blast all pieces including the plans to build it into oblivion. But if you try to control anybody or anything with it, all Resistance agents and the bigger part of Enlightened agents will blast this thing apart again. You think Via Noir was the best we could do? You´ll be in for a big surprise …

thedeacon1972 via Google+


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