Bogdanovich’s Motives


I was listening in (with permission, of course) on a conversation Dr. Wright was having with some members of Operation Essex.

They were discussing Devra Bogdanovich, and Wright — in the Socratic style he employs so often — was using the questions to attempt to find Bogdanovich’s motives in all the recent events that have occurred. I’m talking, of course, about the takedown of Lynton-Wolfe’s dark machine…

Here are the questions Wright posed to the Essexians:

How did the recursion after Abaddon affect Bogdanovich — has she come clean about what she did in her past iteration and can we trust her?

Does she know more than she revealed about the Tecthulhu, or does she have further information she did not want to fall into the wrong hands?

What is her current relationship with Hubert Farlowe, and was he involved in her highly orchestrated plan to take down Lynton-Wolfe?cp0qffzzx17lr8jv5prqfrcpb

The point of these questions of course, is not to fact-find. To my knowledge, very little information actually exists about Devra’s plan against Lynton-Wolfe, asides from the fact that it succeeded and it required her absence during the #ViaNoir Anomalies.7r8v5ihbesuog7b4

I find the exercise interesting, however. It ultimately leads to one simple question and it’s one I don’t have the answer for: What were Bogdanovich’s motives in the recent events of #ViaNoir?

I look forward to reading your opinions in the comments…


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