Wright Discussion: Lynton-Wolfe’s #ViaNoir Message


“I have crossed the bridge. The machine cannot be unmade. Where there was one, there will be many.”

These were the final words we received from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe just moments before the destruction of the machine by Agents at the #ViaNoir Anomalies.cfd32973hm

Wright’s next discussion question centers around what these words might mean….

  • Is it possible that what the Agents accomplished was in vain, and now more of Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu’s will begin to appear spontaneously?
  • Had Lynton-Wolfe already begun to spread his knowledge about the creation of the Tecthulhu — who would he have given or sold this knowledge to and how might they use it?
  • In the act of destroying the Tecthulhu, did Agents disperse its power into the world or Portal Network — could it begin to affect Agents in strange ways?

What do you think, Investigators? Let’s explore this in the comments.sl090t0memoato280k0


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