Your Responses: Lynton-Wolfe’s Message


Thanks to those who chose to take part in yesterday’s discussion about Lynton-Wolfe’s final message and what it might mean. Here are some of my favorite observations to emerge from that thread:

I believe Lynton-wolfe chamber was in an anomalous zone and as such the machine replicated itself through time and space instantly to protect itself. … Killing one instance of the machine doesn’t kill it. You have to kill all instances of it at the same time.
Matt Rafferty

I feel that Tecthulu was becoming active either way, as we received a message from the being in New York before +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe​ fully activated the thing. We were already at risk, already within its influence before the anomaly…. Even before we had the ability to effect it, it was still able to contact us. I do not doubt that he has given it power but i do not think the agents efforts were in vain…. If any thing, i believe his true plan was delayed. … I do not believe Oliver would have truly given it to anyone but rather used it to some how give life to +A Detection Algorithm​, who we have heard very little from and know was working with him before the attack on her.
Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa

Trying to destroy the Tecthulhu might have created many smaller versions of it.
Martin Brenner

If it spreads like a virus (i prefer the term (xm)nanobots when talking about a machine) what are they trying to accomplish? Infecting scanners/portals/agents? For what purpose? … What would an infected portal network provide? Control?
-Martin Zehetmayer (Angrox)

Remember Dr. Viktor Kureze’s study about a modulated signal within exotic matter which interfaces with the human mind – the so called “Shaper Mind Virus”. Not much is known about Dark XM but if we read the techthulu poem we can detect a sentence: I GROW IN MINDS AS AN IDEA … Is it possible that techthulu function like a dark xm mind virus? I think so. No doubts why Devra Bogdanovich opposed OLW.Izc5ITlANzEhNTk3JDEyOSU5MzlAMyUwOSUyMyE2MjchMyUzJiM3OSM1Mw==
Achim S. (Metamorphis)

I am starting to believe that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe will be the undoing of those agents at Via Noir. He also has a copy of the plans. The Acolyte does not have the only copy.
Angelina Hunter

It’s like a cancer I guess. Once you try to remove it, unsuccessfully, it’ll spread to the rest. … I suspect this was what ADA and Oliver worked on during Aegis Nova. I’m not surprised if ADA was involved in providing Oliver the necessary knowledge and became his agent of dissemination. In fact, the recently reactivated ADA could very well be another manifestation of Tecthulu.NCQwJDQwNiQkNjAzMzIyMjAqJjA2XiReMDQkNjQwJV41NTA0JDAoJjkwNzkmODAlNiUkMCgmOTgwKDAqJjkqMCUkNjYwKjkwJF4wXjU1MCU2Xl4=
Yik Sheng Lee

The Techthulu is a means of creating a technological and biological hybrid but with the focus through technological means. Unfortunately this means that the NWR agents that helped ADA are going to be the first affected when another techthulu comes around
Kosh TheRipper (KoshTheRipper)

I think this development will bring agents α new sense of unity.wernhervonbraunwolfgangernstpaulijohnrayalexandergrahambellgalenfriedrichaugustkekulégalenjohanneskepleradalbertczernyfranzboasmichaelfaradaygalenfrederickgowlandhopkinsmaxplanckfredericksoddyheikekamerlinghonnesfrederickgowlandhopkinsabdulqadeerkhaneuclidtimnoakeswilburandorvillewrightgaleneucliddmitrimendeleevevangelistatorricellimohammadabdussalamrudolfchristiankarldieselprafullachandraray
Morgan Jones

Oliver is too narcissistic to give his plans to anyone else. … I think it more likely that some sort of entity was created or attracted by the machine, and it now dwells in the portal network. Just a hunch, of course, but it could easily influence people into the creation of other machines with XM.
Carlyle Edmundson

The Tecthulhu has been been build after extensive research of Nigel Moyer, from which OLW benefitted. Now the Acolyte benefits from OLW´s work. I think it´s a copycat game right now. “What one man can invent, another one can discover” (“The Adventure of the Dancing Men” A.C. Doyle, Sherlock Holmes) … Considering OLW´s character, I think it would be hard to get him to share his secrets. Scientific ethics would call for knowledge to be distributed, but OLW falls short in this category.
Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972)

Most likely this will be not the last time we heard about the tecthulhu.. the machine have many faces and will be reappear.
Nuno Costa


Excellent ideas from all those who participated — I’m looking forward to more of these forums in the future…


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