Hank Johnson: Common Threads


It seems Hank Johnson has been on a mission to uncover more about the history and origins of the Tecthulhu… Here is the first in a series of journal entries covering his journey in the days that followed his stay in Rome…

PREFACE: These installments will only emerge when I am feeling sufficiently safe and will not to give away further locations or secrets in what might be a developing situation.


I have delayed posting these entries because I did not want to reveal my whereabouts on this journey. Even now I am unsure of how safe the environment is — despite the superficial theatrics of truce and collaboration, I suspect the pursuit of the Tecthulhu remains a divisive issue with much at stake.

One of my objectives in Rome was to try and locate a lost Howcraft document. No leads surfaced, and the opportunity was lost, but as I was planning my departure I came upon an epiphany. That is to say, I experienced an epiphany that didn’t originate with me, but with a member of Operation Essex who created a piece of art tracing the iconic bell-shape of Die Glocke onto the Tecthulhu.

What could the secretive research project have in common with the Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu? A thirst for power, perhaps (at vastly different scales, of course, and with different intentions, but a thirst nonetheless)… Die Glocke may have been a failed early Tecthulhu-like experiment.

Devra and I had once had a conversation about abandoned underground bunkers in Poland. A suspicious existed that these underground bunkers may have been where some of the Die Glocke research was conducted.

I set off to Wroclaw.

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