Hank Johnson: The Journey to Nigel’s Tecthulhu


Another installment of Hank Johnson’s journal covering his recent Tecthulhu research...

PREFACE: This post was withheld from the original date of writing for reasons of security and secrecy.


If I have put the chronology together correctly, the journey that led to what we know as the Moyer Tecthulhu* went something like this…

The original Die Glocke Tecthulhu project was assembled by Axis scientists during World War II as part of a Wunderwaffe program. It didn’t work, but they got very close. The exact origins of their blueprints are unknown, but given the location of the project, it would not surprise me to discover the Axis scientists were using blueprints obtained from medieval Eastern European occult alchemists.

It would also not surprise me that similar blueprints were reportedly seen in a book referred to obliquely in the Black Stone and the Howcraft Document — a book allegedly read by Lovecraft and perhaps Howard.

This book may or may not be the book fictionally known as the Necronomicon. In any case, it is not known whether the Axis scientists were able to harvest any information from their failed attempt, but the stories of their diabolical bell certainly suggest that things went bad. Time will tell us more about this.

In a later installment I will reveal my suspicions as to how Nigel Moyer came upon his version of the Tecthulhu, but there are gaps in my knowledge.

Will report more, later.

* I give the Tecthulhus different names because I believe, as I’ve said before, that there were many Tecthulhus built in different times by different hands across the centuries, maybe even millennia. My theory is that they emerge consciously or unconsciously from transdimensional blueprints through Sensitives in a process much like how Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was able to engineer early Resonators and XMPs through a combination of instinct and inspiration from Roland Jarvis’ sculptures — which themselves were stimulated by XM’s impact on Jarvis. Once again, this is just my theory, but it seems to fit the facts. I await confirmation from others.

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