Hank Johnson: Surveillance in the XM Era


Hank Johnson reveals his thoughts on current developments in XM Surveillance technology.

It has been a few days since I wrote my last post.

My journey has not been uneventful. It is quite difficult to travel in this era undetected by nation states and corporate entities. I have had to use smuggling routes, bribery, disguise and every other trick of the trade I’ve learned over the years.

Even now, I suspect at least one group has spotted me.

I have taken evasive action. They have made no attempt to kill me. The fact that they are following me tells me a number of things. That there are still unknowns. That they think I’m the right one to uncover these unknowns. That they are waiting for that to happen — waiting for a right moment before I am no longer a utility, but an obstacle.

I have come to assume that there are no secrets in the electronic world. That’s been the truth of our lives for some time. Now, the methods of surveillance have grown more sophisticated. I believe that technologies have emerged that can read the tiny variances caused by Sensitives in the Portal Network.

These tools are nascent… the Portals are volatile, variable and frequently agitated and thus at best a semi-reliable way to track and surveil. But the technology is evolving.

The New Wave Resistance — the Tecthulhu — Operation Portal Recon — these are all signs that we are entering a new era in XM based technologies.

I stand ready to be proved wrong on this account, but until then I have to assume that I’m right, and must continue to take evasive action. Will report later.

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