Hank Johnson: Nigel’s Long Journey


Hank Johnson shares his thoughts on Nigel Moyer’s process leading up to the discovery of his Tecthulhu.

Exactly when and how Nigel Moyer completed his plans for the so-called Moyer Tecthulhu is unknown to me. It is my opinion that he worked on this project sporadically over the years — maybe decades. I don’t know whether this was because he had to work in secret or whether he lacked the necessary equipment (maybe he had to invent it or wait for it to be invented) or whether it simply took that long for the ideas to fully formulate in his mind.

The point is that it took a long time. I can only speculate on whether other scientists helped him and if so, who. I plan to visit his subterranean lab in Buenos Aires to determine this.

Devra published a message online just a few days after the #ViaNoir Anomalies, but since then, I have heard nothing from her. I attempted to contact Farlowe as well. Radio silence.qdw11zmshlhfttk668sj

I can only speculate on what they are doing — whether Devra is on her own or with her guardian angel again. Perhaps they are attempting to follow Lynton-Wolfe, or perhaps they have gone into hiding. I believe I would know it if she had come to bad ends, but I can’t be sure.zsn64joejwbeobt833ha

With Lynton-Wolfe either on the run or out of the picture (it’s unclear what his happened to him after his final broadcast) it does not seem to serve anybody else’s interest to harm them, but I could be wrong.

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