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Courtesy of the Acolyte, Hank Johnson pays a visit to the chamber where Oliver Lynton-Wolfe conducted his Tecthulhu research.

I won’t go into how, but I rendezvoused with the Acolyte. She took me to the facility where the Moyer Tecthulhu once stood. It was much like Devra’s account of it.

Littered objects from various times — all very interesting from an archeological point of view, but not fully instructive as to recent events.

There was little evidence of the extreme events that had transpired in the chamber. However I was struck by an intuition about and decided to do some deeper investigation aided by a Prime XM Object from the collection I inherited on the death of Azmati’s uncle.

Some will criticize me for exposing this object, given that it is evident that the Acolyte covets Prime XM Objects and her guards (New Wave Enlightened?) were quite capable of overpowering me, but I took the chance. The Acolyte is many things, but she is not duplicitous in the way that Jahan can be. She is ruthless in her own ways, but… less complex in her machinations. Anyhow, I did the mental math and took the calculated risk. It was a good bet.epy35tgylmgp055bb

We found what I should have expected. It was a piece of a metallic material (though no metal I could identify) melted and fused in a bell-like shape — exactly like what was described in certain documents related to the Die Glocke project, but with one important difference.

Embedded in the frozen object like fossils were the scarred remains of decidedly modern technology, not World War II era equipment — fiber optic switches – raid controllers and more. This was not the failed Axis Die Glocke, it was the Moyer Tecthulhu informed by his knowledge of that experiment’s failures.

One powerful question remains.

Where is Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe? Was he destroyed in the conflagration, or is he still out there and hiding? I am betting on the latter, but that is just speculation. I am going to have to dig deeper. It would not surprise me if he staged the scene we investigated for our benefit after scuttling his real research.

One interesting thing did happen that I’ll mention on the lighter side. The Acolyte, asked me if I was going to contact Jahan (I wondered where she was getting her information, because I have been tracking some intel that Jahan may be in possession of something I’ve been trying to get my hands on). I asked the Acolyte what her relationship was with Jahan now — as there were many reports that they seemed cordial and perhaps even friendly in New Orleans.n8cpue7fco2ree95t

She smiled cryptically. Make of it what you will.

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