The Challenges Ahead


The strange events of December 10th are just across the horizon, and as promised I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

5 Missions will go live between noon and 4pm Local Japan Time — one each hour at the top of the hour.

Each Mission will contain a challenge, part of which will be uncovered at the Mission Site. The remaining components will have to retrieved from dozens of locations across Japan by identifying and accessing Portals based on the available intelligence.fb3i8hs9n78z

Code-breakers and Puzzle-Solvers will likely play a major role in helping piece the challenges together and finding their solutions.

Some of the Missions will require unlock passwords gained by completing previous Missions in order to be completed, and each Mission will in turn reward Agents with a Mission Reward Code that will be needed for the Final Challenge.

The Final Challenge will require the password solutions from all previous challenges as well as the Reward Codes from all completed Missions.6n4kbaakxmr7e7t2

Only one Agent (a representative of their Faction) will be able to complete the Final Challenge by entering the correct passcode… It will be a race to the finish line and time will be of the essence. Agents with a wide variety of skillsets will all have to work together to bring victory to their Faction.

Agents, keep us up to date on how the day proceeds tomorrow, whether you are in the field or helping contribute from anywhere in the world. Tell us who you are and what role you are playing. I’ll be sending out some passcodes from my reserves at random to those who help shed light on the events of the day. Use #Ingress161210 for your broadcasts…

Good luck.


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