Resistance claim #Ingress161210

My thanks go to the thousands of Agents who participated in, captured, shared and reported on the events of yesterday across Japan.

The Resistance claimed victory just past 5PM local time in an extremely fierce contest that tested each Faction across a number of skillsets — Portal seeking and hacking, decoding, networking, local knowledge, dead-drop recovery and more.

I was watching the #Ingress161210 hashtag as the action unfolded — Agents from across the country and around the world pitched in. Ingress.codes — one of the best Ingress related cryptography resources out there — did an excellent write-up today of some of the challenges that emerged and how they fell as the day proceeded. It’s comprehensive and well written — definitely worth a look.

I went through the hashtag feed earlier (on an empty stomach — not the best call I’ve ever made… check it out and you’ll see why) to try and capture some of the pictures that shed light on the day. Some of my favorites are in the gallery above, but this is just a tiny sample of a huge volume of social reporting that’s worth taking a look at.KO?&!FHBE%A!”$F=

I’d like to hear from members of the community — were you involved? How did you help? What did you hear, see or experience over the course of the action? Did we learn anything that could help shed light on the investigation? Tell your tale in the comments…

Congratulations to the Resistance for their incredible work yesterday, and props to the Enlightened as well — my sources suggest that they were mere paces behind the Resistance when the finish line was reached.


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