Nigel’s Project


Hank Johnson’s been keeping his head low — trying to avoid a number of groups that have been tailing him, but he surfaced just for a short moment to share these additional thoughts about Nigel Moyer and the origins of the Tecthulhu…

I’ve been following the events that took place in Japan closely. The document that emerged in its wake interests me. The message — that is of course extremely fascinating and there is much to be learned from it, but the paper it appears to be written upon (or emerging from, as it were) — looks like it may have some historical provenance. I’ll be committing some energy to exploring this further… when I can…

Right now I think I may have picked more tails. I suspect I’m being shadowed by multiple groups. This is not unlike Darsana, though thus far I have seen no evidence of lethal intentions towards me. It would not surprise me, however, if the various groups were taking covert and possibly hostile measures against each other.

When I wrote my previous thoughts about Nigel and the Tecthulhu, I left off an important piece of information because I was awaiting some additional confirmation. Now, I’m pretty sure…d398384390443449385401383392388384383386399443444450394397

My suspicion is that Nigel Moyer, while at Bletchley (as a young prodigy) either received or heard of transmissions referring to Die Glocke. He began research on this as Bletchley was being dismantled after World War 2 ended. It is also possible that in the wake of the Axis defeat, parts from both the Die Glocke project as well as some of Turing’s machines were secretly moved to a special lab for further research, and Moyer may have been involved in this project from its inception…

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