Hank Johnson: The Dimensional Layer and the XM Layer


Hank Johnson, en-route to meet Devra Bogdanovich, shares some thoughts on Lynton-Wolfe in the wake of the message that emerged from Japan recently.

Reading through that message that emerged in the wake of the Japan event has had me thinking back on OLW and the final moments of the attack on the Tecthulhu.

I was trying to figure out what we really know about Lynton-Wolfe’s state during the Via Noir Anomaly.

It seems that he began by telling Agents not to agitate the Portals and went through a number of states over the course of the day… from elation to a seemingly vengeful threat that there would be more… more Tecthulhus? Maybe… at least that’s my interpretation of what his threat was. Watch the original videos (I’ve summed up the links below) and come to your own conclusions..rattlesn,akemich.aelm,ash.aggerst,onema.car,thursincl,a.irwhee.l,erblack,wo.odh.ampt,oncholmon,deleycapric,o.rn

And there’s another thing. As the situation grew worse, it seems that he became more agitated, and at one point he may have been channeling the Tecthulhu (or was it controlling him like a puppet?). Hard to tell. I look forward to learning more about that, but whatever the case, I suspect that in the end he may have merged with it.)@!@)#&^@$&*!^!^

And before the moment passes, Devra and Oliver used phrases I haven’t heard exactly the same way before. ‘Dimensional Layer’ and ‘XM Layer’ are two of them. I have a suspicion of what these mean, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts as well.

The Dimensional Layer could be our here and now and the past we associate with. The XM Layer could be something different. Maybe a particular area currently infused with extreme amounts of XM or maybe even the XM that houses the entire Portal network. Maybe Wright and Essex can fill me in on this.

Received a text from Devra — good. She wants to meet. Heading off grid. Will report when safe.

Lynton Wolfe’s Via Noir videos:


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