Your responses: The Tecthulhu and the Japan Message


I’ve been collecting your responses from a number of locations: Mine and Hank Johnson’s G+ pages, Operation Essex and more… Here are some observations about the Tecthulhu and the message that emerged from Japan that I felt were worth highlighting. Thanks to all those who participated in the conversations.

Could the “I must be broken” be the ABDN researchers speaking as one?

I do agree with those before me saying that we hear different entities speaking inside this message. However, I don’t think that OLW and ADA are part of it. OLW’s last message was recorded after his tecthulhu was destroyed and ADA wasn’t needed in full to run the tecthulhu as an OS.
Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972)

Could the resurrection rites of Roland Jarvis, which required destruction and rebirth — a reassembly if you will — be the modern exploit of the doorway Techcthulhu seeks to re-enter our world?
Brandon Downey

Techthulu, Janus and Jarvis have one in common: they are a paradox
Achim S. (Metamorphis)

“Minds caught in the ouroboros” are probably individuals undergoing recursion. If the ABADN chamber had to be hidden at CERN because of the amount of power needed, we need to look for a site with a lot of juice–natural (like Vesuvius) or man-made.
Kobalt Blues

Roland Jarvis, he and the Tecthulu will merge. Roland speaks of the substrate, of escaping… what does this mean for the Enlightened faction in 2017
TrIsten Bordagaray

I suspect the Tecthulhu is able to control both the N’zeer Substrate and the Ultimate via a primordial glyph language which both the N’zeer and the Shapers modified. In addition, it might be able to control and combine both dark XM and XM too.WiFCIU8hWCRLIUgjTClYXlImUyFYJU0hUSZJIVgkTSFRKkkhVyVNKUIkTCFHJlY=
Yik Sheng Lee

If the glyphs are the language of thought, then the Techthulu’s “I am idea without implementation” could most definitely be referring to glyphs. … … but, being thought alone, Techthulu requires a human soul or will to act. Something to help give action to its ideas.
Jeremy Sylvis

I think Tecthulhu is like an AI, but not based in a binary platform like ADA. … It’s like a computer with a processor and infinite memory connected to a giant database. It just needed a small set of instructions to get it started (This reminds me of Conway’s Game of Life). Perhaps OLW thought that he could control it by limiting the speed of the evolution of this machine, but with the great activity of XM of Via Noir the tecthulhu evolved faster than expected
Juan José Mongelós

It sounds like more than one message combined, one of which speaks like an AI becoming self aware. Realizing it was built for a purpose, but has no body, existing without form with which to fulfill said purpose.
Sam Wung

Sounds like the Techthulu is a fusion of both Shaper (the ultimate) and N’zeer (the substrate) influence…. aligns with how +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe operated.
Richard Jennings

“I must connect with the other minds. Minds arrayed in a circle. Minds caught in the ouroboros.” The Niantic researchers in the ABADN?
James Nelson

A lot of symbology in the ouroboros. Will be interesting to see what else #tecthulhu reveals..
Davo Brawn


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