Hank Johnson: Ambushed!


This just flew done the wires a few moments ago… looks like Hank Johnson stepped into a rough patch. The good news is, if anybody is fully equipped through their experience and skills to maneuver themselves out of this situation, it’s Hank… I don’t think the dead man’s switch will need to come into play…

writing in haste.
pinned down.
devra meeting was ambush.

don’t know who set it up.
multiple forces engaging.
gunfire surrounding.

are they targeting each other or me? don’t know.

can not reveal my location right now.
times like this I wish I was still a simulacrum.

have distributed some breadcrumbs just in case…
dead man’s switch will activate if there is no proof of life.

hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Hank Johnson via Google+


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