A meeting with Farlowe and Devra


Hank Johnson finally made contact (in a safer place, it seems…) with Devra and her guardian angel, Hubert Farlowe…

If Farlowe appreciated the fact that I didn’t shoot him while I had him in my sights, he didn’t show it.

He, Devra and I finally connected. He didn’t have much better idea of who our assailants were. Fact is, we couldn’t be sure whether they were after Devra or me or each other. Farlowe even thought he might have drawn it. Old enemies? Who knows… It’s hard to tell what you’re dealing with Farlowe.

I have to be careful what I report here. Suffice to say that Devra’s journey (which began on a fake-date while she was at the low profile Strathmore Community College and was rescued by Mr. Loeb aka Chapeau) to Wroclaw and beyond has been been quite interesting.

The thing that’s perhaps most interesting of all is Devra’s recollections since re-accessing the Vaulther Vault8766675050798433339366468

This might be instructive for all of us who’ve been exposed to XM.

If Calvin ever gets back into the think tank business, he should study the long term effects XM is having on people. It might explain some of the shifts in consciousness that we’re starting to see.

Gotta go, will report more when I can.e5aa702c16082c160850c87800900000000000827f645452d71868c2b2807f00ffcd5700a2add03f00ff009000059033002fa7ff7f0086608e

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