Some days ago, when I reported on the December 10th challenge in Japan, I mentioned that it was difficult going through the feed for that event on an empty stomach. It was true, the feed was full of amazing images of Agents enjoying delicious looking foods in their local neighborhoods after having completed their missions that day.

To either help me get over that, or perhaps torture me further (I’m not sure which), some Agents launched another campaign titled #FoodforPAC — images from around Japan (and even some international ones) of more scrumptious edibles covered in Glyphs.

Well… Thank you, Agents. Fortunately this time I ensured that all research was conducted in a non-hungry state.

And to those of you who think that this foray is not related to the Investigation — I’d ask you to take a look at Hank Johnson’s message from yesterday — he mentioned “the long term effects XM is having on people … shifts in consciousness that we’re starting to see.”

What does it mean that Agents spontaneously chose to express themselves this way — that Shaper Glyphs have become so deeply ingrained that they represent a new and commonly used mode of expression even outside of the Scanner?

If that’s not a shift in consciousness, I’m not sure what is…


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